General Info about Taxes:


Wealth tax

Wealth tax is a direct tax levied on your assets and property located in Spain as at 31st December of every year.

Inheritance and Gift tax

The Spanish law provides the inheritance and the gift tax together. Inheritance tax is the tax payable on the increase of wealth, obtained by reason of death.

Property Transfer and Stamp Duty Tax

Property transfers, corporate transactions and stamp duties are subject to the Spanish property transfer and stamp duty tax.

Capital Gains Tax on land(Plusvalia)

The Capital Gains Tax is the Spanish municipal tax on the increase in the value of the urban land since the last recorded transfer , not in the building erected upon it.

Corporate tax

Corporate tax is a direct tax on corporate profits obtained within the taxation period, which normally coincides with the calendar year, unless a different period is stated in the company’s articles of association.

Tax on Economic Activities

The Spanish tax on economic activities is a direct tax levied annually on the exercise of a business, professional, or artistic activity, regardless this activity is performed in business premises or not.

Value added tax in Spain

Value Added Tax is an indirect and general consumption tax assessed on the value added to goods and services. It is borne ultimately by the final consumer and is charged as a percentage of the price. Every consumer in Spain must pay it.

Real Estate Tax(Land Tax/IBI)

This is a local tax levied on your Spanish property (whether of urban or rustic nature) and charged annually by the municipality, where the property is registered.

Tax identification number(NIE)

All individuals liable to pay taxes in Spain or having any dealing with the Spanish tax authorities are assigned a tax identification number.

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