Why use a Spanish Lawyer?

Mainly because the property you want to sell or purchase is in Spain.  For this reason any conflicts arising to the property will be dealt with under the Spanish law.  Mateo Lawyers are competent in all aspects of the Spanish law and of course can communicate in Spanish and English.


Mateo Lawyers will guide you through the process. Their initial step would be to contact the vendor’s solicitor in order to organize and clarify all the aspects and conditions of the purchase.

That means that the first step to buying a Spanish property is to contact a lawyer before you decide here is some advice that you should follow:

Mateo Lawyers are a fully bona fide lawyers and are a members of the Spanish Bar Association (this will provide third party insurance).

Before you sign anything (even a reservation deposit) Mateo Lawyers will check the following documents:

  • "Nota Simple" it is a very important report from the property registry.

  • The sellers own title.

  • Proof of Spanish property tax payment.

  • Community of owners, Fees and Payments.

  • The Catastrial Certificate.

Mateo Abogados will carry out the following:

  • All Legal Matters.

  • We will confirm the total price.

  • That a Bank Guarantees the paid amounts by you during the house construction period.

  • We will inform you about taxes, costs, etc.

  • We will apply for your NIE (Foreigner Identity Number) and all paperwork necessary to complete your property purchase.





Once the private contract has been signed your lawyer will have to organize all the paperwork and documentation in order to sign the title deeds.



It will be needed if the purchaser can not come to sign title deeds at the completion or can not come to apply the NIE number.


It is a Fiscal Identification Number for non residents and it will be requires before you can make any transaction in Spain such as purchasing a property, a car, pay taxes etc. NIE can be applied personally at the police station or your lawyer can apply for it using the power of attorney.



You will need one in Spain as your lawyer will order direct debit for water, electricity, Community of owners and IBI tax (council tax).


This is the magical date you have been waiting for. Please note that the completion must take place on a working day (Monday to Friday), principally because money transfer cannot take place at the weekend.

On completion the balance of the price, ownership and keys of the property are exchanged. This takes place in the Public Notary’s office. A new Certificate from the Land Registry is requested that day to secure that no charges have appeared since the initial search was done.



After signing the title deeds your lawyer will pay the Notary fee and the transfer tax and finally register it at the local land Registry.
The Land Registry maintains all the details of the property and records financial charges and other matters that may affect the title.
Registering the deed provides the highest public level of protection.


Steps in the conveyancing process when selling a property (resale)



The following documents should be requested by us when putting your property up for sale.

  • Copy of the Escritura (Title Deeds)

  • Copy of the latest IBI tax receipts (council Tax)

  • Telephone number of the Community of owners.

  • Copies of all utility service bills. Water, electricity, gas, telephone etc.