Mateo Lawyers Insurance Insurance in Spain made simple for your home, buildings contents, car, motorcycle, pets, travel, health, funeral, boats, golf and much more...

We offer multiple payment options, including bank transfer, direct debit and credit / debit cards.

Various discounts available and extra discounts for multiple policies.

Home Insurance
There are two distinct types of home insurance: buildings insurance and contents insurance. You can buy a single policy that covers you for both, but a recommendation is to look upon them as two separate policies: remember the insurance for the house must be more expensive than insurance for the contents. No one is safe from accidents that may occur such as floods, storms, fires and many others; disasters threat our homes and their contents, which would imply a serious economic loss.

Car Insurance
Why is it important to acquire car insurance? It is important because it is what protects the insured against losses involving the use of automobiles. Coverage includes bodily injury insurance, property damage, and medical payments, and the physical damage coverage of collision and comprehensive coverage as well. This insurance may be bought depending on the desires of the insured.

Life Insurance
Life insurance is purchased to protect your family in case of death. It is usually bought by people who are the sole breadwinners of the family when in the death of that person, the family would not survive. However, not many people truly know how life insurance policies work. Some people think they can’t afford life insurance and consider it as an unnecessary cost.

Travel Insurance
Travel insurance covers a series of disadvantages that may occur during the trip. Unforeseen events may occur such as medical care need, lost luggage or other personal property; canceled or delayed flights and even the cost of repatriation. Traveling must be fun and relaxing and not stressful and full of worries.

Health Insurance
Health insurance is one of the most important insurances you must consider buying because it is a matter of life. The appropriate time to get it is before you have an accident, suffer from severe illness or discover you are pregnant, so you can avoid worries and stress by having health insurance. Remember that insurances don't work when the medical problem starts before the moment you have a policy. You are also granted with the ability to choose where and when to receive your treatment. Private health insurance is not necessarily expensive, and there are plenty of economic plans available that can provide you with the reassurance and security that they will be very careful whenever you get sick.