Company Formation

Company Formation, 3 basic ideas:


  • Once you fill out our service agreement, we,ll begin working on your company.
  • When everything's ready, we'll contact you so you can schedule a trip to the notary for the signing or give us POa to sign in your name. The moment you sign, you will have a legal company with a tax ID, so your company may begin operations in Spain.
  • After about one month, the company will be fully registered.You must know that depends on the Mercantile Registry, but this is the usual time frame. 


All directors and shareholders of the company need a NIE, you can either request our assistance, or you can apply for it in person at the Spanish consulate, or in any Oficina de Extranjeros in Spain. See Nie service on our website to know more about Nie doc.



1.- Registration of the company name. You must apply for a certificate issued by the Central Commercial Registry (Registro Mercantil Central), confirming that the name you intend to use is not already registered.


2.- Apply for your C.I.F (company tax identification code)


3.- Deposit the capital into a bank account in the company’s name; the amount of capital will depend upon the type of corporation you intend to set up. e.g. for a limited liability company, minimum deposit will be € 3,005.06.


4.- Deed of incorporation. The founding partners, when applicable, shall sign the constitution deed for the business before a notary in Spain.


5.-Pay the transfer tax at the tax office of the province where the company has incorporated.


6.- Registering the company at the Corporate Registry (Registro Mercantil)